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New designs added monthly, from classics to latest fashion.
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Custom made designs

Send us your sketches, ideas & creations, we'll do the CAD for you.
48 hours turnaround time & competitive pricing.
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Other Services:

 - Silver samples hand-set & finished as fine diamond jewellery, fill your showcases with our beautiful inexpensive samples.
 - MyShop is an eCommerce Platform Customized for Jewelers. MyShop is a website package that transforms CADcenter into a jewellery eCommerce platform. Filled with great features such as inserting your branding, the ability to add your own products, and the use of our jewellery pricing module.
 - Let us manufacture for you. We provide great service and quality, tell us what you need and we'll execute. We 3D print 100's of designs every week that we cast in gold. We do very high-quality hand setting & finishing.
 - Use our wax printing service and casting facility. We also cut any type of silicon rubber molds.